Here to help.

I'm a writer, and I make my living writing. If you can afford to buy my book, I'd really appreciate it. It helps me pay my bills, and keep making work.

But if you're someone who's dealing with depression right now, and that extra step or cost is just too much, I get it.

I also know how much this book can help - it's designed for exactly where you are right now and more than anything, I want to get it into folks' hands who can use it.

So I made the Help Edition of the No-Bullshit Guide. It has the exact same content as the one you can buy at bookstores, but if you're dealing with depression right now, you can name your own price, including free.

Use the button below to get a copy. When depression passes and you have the energy, if you can buy a copy or drop me an email to let me know if it helped you, that'd be great. Both things really help me keep going. :)