Waiheke, Aotearoa New Zealand
December 27, 2020

Thank You.

As 2020 (finally) (mercifully) (seriously, 2020, just go), comes to a close, I wanted to just take a minute to say thank you.

You, personally.

You, specifically.

Thank you for reading these letters, for taking a bit of your one precious life and sharing it with me and my work.

As a writer, so often the nature of our work means putting things out into the void - you write, you publish, and then it's gone. You never know what happens.

But somehow, I've lucked into something better. To have you and everyone else who reads these letters - a real community that I feel and have a relationship with, whether you write back or not.

Most of the people who read these letters have been getting them for years. Collectively, we've seen each other through new jobs and new cities, through weddings and funerals. Through life.

Thanks for being a part of mine.

Each and every Sunday, I appreciate you.

Now let's go have a better year than the last one. :)


p.s. The best thing I saw all week was from the brilliantly funny Julie Nolke, and it's the question of the times. Are we ready for pants yet?

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