Raglan, New Zealand
February 12, 2017

The State of the Union!

Hey there,

So it's time for my first-ever (and maybe annual tradition) - the Ink and Feet State of the Union letter!

It's my time to listen to you, hear what's working, show you behind the scenes at some of the stuff that's in the works, and see what interests you!

Your response (and those of your fellow readers) will literally shape the direction of my life and business, so I'm deeply grateful for a few minutes if you've got ‘em - and for your honest thoughts!

It's just five questions - without further ado, let's dive in!

  1. What's working? With the letters, with things you've picked up from me, with email replies I've written back to you, social media, anything you enjoy is fair game. :)

  2. What's not working? Same gamut - maybe things in the letters, stuff I'm making, how I'm putting it out there, anything - it's all helpful!

  3. Stuff I might make. I was thinking of making some of the things below this year. Which of them (if any, please be honest!) feel like ones you'd be interested in spending your hard-earned money on?

    a) 7-Day Sprint — Quick, hit-play & follow along course to jump start you on a long-stagnant project or a big life goal. b) A Goals Course — Learn what makes great goals - and what makes ones that end up hurting more than they help! c) A Time Course — Tools and strategies to get more time and spend more of the time you have on the things that really matter to you. d) A Money Course — A straightforward, no-courage-required course on managing money, getting out of debt, and getting to your financial goals. e) A Values Course — A self-guided exploration of you, your values, and the stuff you care about the most. f) The Change Monsters - A 50-day course designed to teach you, hands-on, how your brain works, put cutting-edge neuroscience in your hands, and turn you loose on your biggest dreams. With adorable monsters. Because I love adorable things. g) More 1-1 Coaching — One-on-one coaching via video chat on a weekly or biweekly basis.

  4. New Formats! I've also been thinking about trying out some new formats for the letters and other publications, and I wanted to see what you thought. Would any of the following really excite you?

    a) A Podcast. Could be like the letters, could be longer form, could be a mystery. :) b) A Youtube series. Probably mostly like the letters, but with my face talking, and some pretty background scenery. c) A Book. I've thought about bundling all the back-issues of the letter into a nice, easy-to-sit-down-with book. Both print and ebook are on the table - with gorgeous covers and everything!

  5. Connection It really is just me sitting down with no planning, and writing to you authentically every week. Followed by me attempting to get to all the replies that come in (and of late, failing pretty badly!) Here's my question to you -

    Does it feel that way? If yes, are there ways it could be better?
    If no, what's getting in the way?

  6. What Haven't I Asked? Bonus question! What haven't I asked you, that I should have?  Also, what's your answer? :)

I deeply appreciate your time, love, and effort in writing back, and it makes an immense difference in understanding what the best places to spend my time are, and continuing to build Ink and Feet into an amazing, sustainable, world-bettering creature of its own.

Thank you, from my whole heart.


p.s. The best thing I saw all week was the oatmeal, on his experience in a self-driving car, and why he hopes they'll be a huge deal.

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