Kyōto-shi, Kyōto-fu, Japan
December 11, 2016

Flashback: Spain and Rwanda

With the book out (and doing well!) and the year winding down, I'm starting to look back. This has been a wild and wonderful year, spread all across the globe, and I'm so glad to have shared it with you.

To honor that journey, I'm pulling out a time-honored tradition: the flashbacks. :)

For the rest of December, I'll be working my way back through the year, and picking out the very best letters to re-share with you. If you missed them the first time, these are the very best ones from this year.

First up - the best of Spain and Rwanda!


I wasn't in Spain long this time - but it still had a big impact. Here's my favorite piece.

Spanish Cobblestones and Brushstrokes - On Spain, Art, and wrestling with the why.


Rwanda was unlike anything I expected, and it's a place that even now, sticks with me. The letters matched the impact.

Both bookend letters were really good:

Welcome to Rwanda - "Whatever you think of when you think of Rwanda, wipe it clean. Let me paint a picture." A Goodbye to Rwanda - Gratitude for a place that challenged me every day I stepped out the door.

It was also a place that got me thinking a lot about how we live, both as individuals, and in our broader world:

My Big Secret - How is it I'm actually able to live all over the world? This one big secret. (It's not what you think.) My (Other) Big Secret - Ok, that secret is actually only half the story. Here's the rest of it.

I hope you enjoy the flashbacks as much as I enjoy finding the best ones for you!

See you next week. :)


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