Waiheke, New Zealand
December 22, 2019

Thank You.

As the year (and the decade!) wind toward a close, I just wanted to take a moment, and say thanks.

Thanks for reading. Thanks for writing back. Thanks for sharing my work with others, and for coming along on this crazy journey with me. :)

But most of all, thanks for your time. We all live these amazing fragile beautiful lives that are so finite and so short. Thank you for spending some of yours with me and the things I make.

I always, always appreciate it.

There's some big stuff coming in the next year that I'm excited to tell you about (and I will next week!) - but before that, I really wanted to pause to recognize you and everyone else in this amazing community I'm lucky to share.

So, thanks. :)

I'll be doing my yearly reflection in the coming days - looking back and looking ahead, as the year winds down. I wish you some peace, some reflection and some time looking at the future with hope and clarity as well.

Be well,


No p.s. this week. I appreciate you. That's all. :)

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