Waiheke, Aotearoa New Zealand
January 31, 2021


Over the past month, I've been working on a secret project, and I am beyond excited to finally get to tell you about it.

See, four years ago, I landed in New Zealand with a simple three-month plan. I'd spend a month in Auckland, then buy a cheap campervan and spend two months exploring the South Island's amazing landscapes. At the end of my three-month visa, I'd sell the campervan and get on a plane to Tunisia, my next country.

But as you know, life didn't quite work out that way - I met my now partner in my first week here, and four years later, still haven't really spent much time outside out of Auckland.

Until now.

See, this past week, we bought a cheap little campervan. And I'm heading down South in just one week, and taking you with me. (!) (!!!) (!!!! AHHHH!!!!111221111111!!!)

I am ridiculously excited about this. Exploration, adventure, and getting to know a place through its little details is what brings me to life. Like everyone, I've been stuck in a covid-paused world for the past year. But with our borders holding, and empty roads bereft of tourists, this was the perfect chance to finish that four-year-old story, and maybe even provide some vicarious travel for all of you, too. :)

If you're wondering, no, I don't know anything about living out of a van. But I didn't know any Thai when I first landed in Thailand, either. Learning and figuring things out is part of what I love so much about this process, and after a year cooped up, I cannot wait to get started.

Even more excitingly, I'm going to be able to share a lot more than just one letter and photo a week. Over in our patreon community, I'll be posting videos, photos, written pieces, and hanging out in the comments. We'll have behind the scenes glimpses of what van life's like, what those towering Southern Alps look like to wake up to, and maybe even do some choose-your-own-adventure where the group decides where I drive to next. :)

If you're not a part of the patreon community, and have been thinking about joining, this is a really great time to join up. It also helps complete a bit of the piece of the puzzle of me figuring out how to do all of this, full-time, and I'm so, so grateful for the support.

So if you're stuck waiting out the winter, the lockdowns, or both, please join the community, come along in the van, and get some vicarious sun and adventure. :)

This is going to be so much fun.


p.s. The best thing I saw all week was easily the van. I already love it so much. But the best thing I can link to is, maybe weirdly, this no glue, no nails, no screws Japanese wood joint. The craftsmanship here is mind-blowing.

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