Waiheke, Aotearoa New Zealand
July 19, 2020


pre-s. You might want to check out the video version of this letter in particular. It's reaching into new direction, and I'd be curious what you think. :)

This past Friday, a birthday card arrived from a dear friend of mine.

She mailed it in March. Four months and two lifetimes ago.

It was a joy, a complete surprise in the new world we're living in. And it made me think about how much of life feels this way right now.

How we're all wrestling with the long and unexpected pause. If not pause, slow motion. If not slow motion, fast forward.

Blink and it's tomorrow. Blink and it's last week.

Nobody I know - nobody - knows what day it is. Most of us are too turned around to even get the month right.

We reach for reference.

The sun comes up. Goes down. Moon whirls off-axis. Full and new and back again.

But between the breaths, we're still here. Wherever this is.

Einstein showed that space and time are linked. Space-time. Time-space.

And here, in these out-of-order days, I can feel it.

The upside down.

The sideways. The spin. Nausea. Vertigo.

The way we just try to keep our eyes on one thing. One thing.

Ice skaters, spinning.

One thing. Snap your head back to it.

One thing.

Until it all - slows down.


p.s. The best thing I read all week was this interview with my favorite living writer, Jeanette Winterson, from way back in 1997. It's still clarion today.

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