Kraków, Poland
November 3, 2019

Still Here

So as I shared last week, I've been experiencing depression quite a lot of late - so this past week, I did the obvious thing one should do - I got on a plane to Poland, and explored the holocaust. 🤦‍♂️

I know.

There is more context here - my partner's family lost almost everyone at Belzec (a little known death camp in the South-east), and her parents were visiting, retracing birthplaces and ends, and finding meaning through all of it. And the sucker for "meaningful over feeling good" that I am, I thought it was a swell idea to tag along.

And the weird thing is - it was.

I still have a lot to process and feel about the time I spent there, and there are things from my time there - both letters and otherwise - that I'll be sharing in the weeks and months ahead.

But this morning, just back in Japan after a whirlwind and really emotionally trying week, I'm left with a unexpected, but personal truth.

I'm still here.

Still here despite the depression and the fragile nature of having a body in a giant and uncertain world, and all the things that can and eventually will take their toll on me.

I'm still here. And I can still choose to spend my time on things that matter.

You too.

Let's have a meaningful week.


p.s. The best thing I read this week was about, geekily, a new open source license. One that requires users to do no harm.

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