People. Are. Awesome.

Specifically, the people at Namkaow Restaurant, the chef, her daughter, and her friend who runs the restaurant next door.

I posted on my visit to the hospital in Phuket, and a couple hours later, got a message: "You still in the Hospital?" I replied that I was back at the hotel, and then heard back "Oh. We were on the way to visit. Mom cooked for you."

My jaw dropped.

People just aren't that nice in the U.S. Nobody makes and delivers a home-cooked meal for someone who frequented their restaurant because they saw you were sick on the internet. I was astounded. I was grateful. I was smiling one of those big goofy smiles you get when you see something that makes you feel like the whole world is going to be ok. Like puppies. Or unbounded kindness.

Instead of the hospital, they very kindly stopped by my hotel, met me outside, and handed me that bag above.

That, thanks to the marvel that is Thai food-packing-magic (which I plan to write about another time), unpacked to this:


Which unpacked to this.


This is my favorite meal in Phuket, brought to me, when I was too tired to go out and actually get a real meal, exactly when I really needed it.

I've been a mix of sleepy and hungry for about 24 hours - not enough energy to go get a proper meal, not enough food to have energy. Now, for the first time in days, I'm genuinely starting to feel well. And so, so, so grateful.

I don't have any big sweeping ending for this one, no nuanced hmm to leave you with.

Sometimes, people are awesome.

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