Have something you keep meaning to get to?

Feel like you're stuck in the same routine, or have a big dream that never seems to get any closer?

Yep, that's normal. Happens to me, too.

It's why I made the 7-Day Sprint. 😁

What's the 7-Day Sprint?

It's a week-long, fun course that will challenge you, get you out of the same thoughts and feelings, and get you moving - with real momentum.

I built 7-Day Sprint to help me, my partner, my coaching clients, and my friends take on the same sticky problem that we all seemed to have.

Big projects and things we really cared about sitting in "someday." Goals that kept hitting the same roadblocks. Stuff that was important, that mattered - but that we never could quite find the time for.

The irony was that there was a bunch of research out there on how to get past those roadblocks - neuroscience and psychology and behavioral science in spades. But none of us had time to read it all.

So I took six months, and I made the 7-Day Sprint.

It compresses all those tools and research down into just one hour a day for 7 days.

You show up, hit start, and an hour later, whoa. You're way further along than you thought you'd be. And probably thinking about things differently too.

But hey, I wrote the thing. You shouldn't just believe me. Here's what a couple people who used the course had to say, after their first sprint.

“I finished feeling accomplished, a little more confident, and unstuck.”
Tom, nonprofit director
“I've made a lot of changes in my life over the past week - and your course helped me realize they’re not as big or scary as I thought they would be. :)”
Megan, writer

But I want to be clear - this course isn't for everyone.

If you don't feel stuck or don't have a project or big dream you'd love to get moving, honestly, give it a miss.

If you feel like you're too busy to find a single hour every day for a week, please don't buy it.

7-Day Sprint is an amazing tool for folks who want to show up and get moving on something they care about. The exercises are clear and simple, guiding you step-by-step through each hour — but it won't work if you half-ass it.

That said - if "I feel like I'm in a rut" or "I really want to get moving on that big dream" sound like you — and you're ready to do something about it, I'd invite you to give 7-Day Sprint a shot.

I priced it to make it accessible. It's just $75. No subscription, no recurring fees, and lifetime access - you can go through it as many times as you want, for as many different things as you can imagine.

Like everything I make, it comes with a no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee. I don't want anybody spending money on stuff that doesn't work for them.

More than anything, I just want folks to get unstuck and get onto what they really want out of their lives. If you look around this site, you'll see it's kind of my big thing. πŸ™‚

So if you've got big dreams that have been stuck or projects that are in a rut, come join us and start your own sprint.

In fact, if you have an hour right now, you can do the first day today.

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