Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico
September 13, 2015

My last letter from Mexico

It's finally come - my last letter to you from Mexico.

I've been worried about this goodbye piece all week. Wondering how I could sum up five months in a huge country where I've learned so much, experienced things I never anticipated. Tried to feel my way around this goodbye, the ways it's different than the others.

I found the words - but they weren't the ones I was expecting. This piece surprised even me.

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It's part of the journey out here, continually having things not turn out how I expect. It's part of what I love most.

The next time we talk, it'll be from Medellín, Colombia. I'm excited to jump in, whole-hearted, and tell you everything I find.

I'm so glad you're coming along.

See you next week, -Steven

p.s. It was a tough week for deciding, but I think the best thing I saw all week was this staggeringly-beautiful piece by Chris Clark on an afternoon in the desert with a 12,000 year-old tree. The end, in particular, is gorgeous.

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